The performance based on the same name novel by D.Glukhovsky

The premiere took place on May 15, 2018.


Genre: cybernoir

Joint project of the Moscow Drama Theater named after M.N. Ermolova and producer Leonid Roberman

«The Text» is the first production based on the novel by Dmitry Glukhovsky, the author of several national best-sellers, including «Metro 2033» and «Metro 2034».

The story depicts several days in the life of a student philologist, who returned to Moscow after being in prison. During his absence, the technology has changed peoples’ relations, and the phone became the second «I» of a man.

The fate gives to the protagonist the cell phone of his enemy, drug police lieutenant, who sent him to jail on false accusation 7 years ago.

The protagonist starts the life of another person using his phone…

On stage, this gadget becomes a character of the story together with real actors. And all that is happening during the performance is shot by a camera on a flying drone.

Duration — 2 hours


Максим Диденко

Постановочная группа

Дмитрий Глуховский

Художник-сценограф, художник по костюмам:
Галя Солодовникова

Александр Карпов

Олег Михайлов, Илья Старилов

Ира Га

Художник по свету:
Сергей Васильев

Действующие лица

Кристина Асмус
Алексей Каничев
Александр Кудин
Илья Маланин
Ольга Матушкина
Дарья Мельникова
Елена Силина
Артем Ткаченко
Егор Харламов
Артем Цуканов