One-man performance based on a novel by Oscar Wilde.

Premiere took place March 18, 2016 at Et Cetera Theatre (Moscow)

Dina Korzun: “For me, this story is absolutely modern and lively. It’s neither about the animals living in the fairytale forest, nor the kings, woodcutters or beggars. I see there the reflectuion of ourselves, of me and my friends and the people that I do not know. It was incredibly interesting to research the true motives that drove the characters of the story about the Star Child.

It was incredibly useful to consider in full detail the causal link between the events and realize that the struggle between good and evil is deeply hidden everywhere. The battlefield is in human heart. Every second we make a choice in one direction or another, without even taking a notice. Whether we want that or not, it is happening. Here and now.

I am grateful to this project for what I had to discover: that every our thought, our word or our deed have responsibility and an incredible value. I and my colleague, musician Sholpan Sharbakova, will be happy to share with you the power of spoken word, music and the warmth of our hearts. ”

Dina Korzun: “For already two years Maxim has been visiting London and helping us to organize and to arrange setting for our charity auctions. In London there is a five-year-old sister charity of PadariZhizn Foundation; it is called Gift of Life. This is an English charity that I founded, we are helping Russian children: for the money that we collect in London we buy medicines for the children of PadariZhizn Foundation.

When Chulpan Khamatova approached Vyacheslav Polunin with the question as to who could help us with the setting of the English night, he suggested Maxim Didenko, who had staged Cinderella for the Circus on Fontanka. He turned out to be our soul mate. At first he staged “The Nutcracker”, and then a beautiful birthday party for the Fund, to which Polunin’s clowns and violinist Gideon Kremer were invited.”


Dina Korzun


Maxim Didenko

On stage
Dina Korzun

Sholpan Sharbakova

Lighting Designer
Vadim Gololobov

Video Artist
Oleg Mikhailov

Costume Designer
Maria Grachvogel

Franck & Shein Ltd.

Anna Bogodist