Premier took place on May 17, 2012 (A. Bryantsev Youth Theatre, St. Petersburg)

The authors moved The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht on the ground of lawless Petrograd of the 20-ies and rhymed Mack the Knife, a gangster, with Lyonka Panteleyev, the thief. In fact, the action takes place not in the concrete 20-ies but in some Soviet utopia.

In the best traditions of a musical, there are live jazz-band and strings orchestra on stage. The parallel with our current times is emphasized with the musical score written by composer Ivan Kushnir and unusual modern adaptation of the songs dating back to the beginning of the XXth century.

“This play is about love and compromises, it is about the end of hope. Deeper and deeper we are descending into that swamp of satiation, where hopes become a routine. Why does it happen this way? Because you allow compromises. You ease somewhere and think that it’s okay. You paint your emptiness with nice colours, you garnish it with nice things and think that it will go well this way. This is compromise. Life is like text editor. It is editing you al the time and suggest to change a word. To live your life means to switch off this automatic word replacement function and find out mistakes on your own. (Interview with Maxim Didenko and Nikolay Dreiden).


Theatre’s Musical Heart Award (Best Musical and Best Scriptwriter (K. Fyodorov).

Anna Kochetkova is awarded Golden Sophite (Best Debute, for acting Liusya Smirnova)

Duration: 3 hours 20 minutes, one intermission.



К. Fyodorov


Maxim Didenko
Nikolay Dreiden

Ivan Kushnir

Pavel Semchenko

Lighting Designer
Igor Fomin


Sergey Azeev
Ivan Batarev
Yanina Bushina
Alisa Zolotkova
Ilya Del
Anna Dyukova
Anastasia Kazakova
Alexandra Ladygina
Anna Lebed
Adelina Lubskaya
Lilian Navrozashvili
Nikita Ostrikov
Elizaveta Prilepskaya
Gala Samoilova
Olga Semenova
Anna Slynko
Kuzma Stomachenko
Ivan Stryuk
Kirill Taskin
Dmitry Tkachenko
Vladimir Chernyshov