Philosophical clowning

The premiere took place on August 16, 2008, “Atresol”, St. Petersburg.

In a small black room two adult guys, wriggling and squirming in the fight, going quite and sinking in a cramped posture, have been living out gravely the last moments of their lives. The meaning of what was happening twinkled behind like the dawn in the east. He came up just by chance, when suddenly the air reverberated with the talks of the “Mission Control Center” on the purity of experiment and on those two little dogs thrown into the orbit back in 1957 <…> Here, in the “continuous curve”, watching the relationship of faceless men with shades on their heads, like at a spiritist seance, you are waiting for some revelation. And then the “fictional” there substitutes the reality in your mind. ( “Theatrical News” magazine)

Graceful tricks with simple items, such as a stick, a container of water, ping-pong balls – Pavel Semchenko and Maxim Didenko are doing all this with an indifferent face, so typical for AKHE Theatre. They are trying to get each other drunk by tilting the table under unimaginable degrees, and at the same time without changing the position of their bodies, and they are playing ping-pong with heads in conical hats, and they are playing little muppets, and recall those irrevocably flown away into space dogs Belka and Strelka and, finally, recited Yesenin’s “The Song of the Dog”. In short, it is a quite common for AKHE, but at the same time charming mixture of engineering tricks, stupid jokes and touching sentimentality.

(Kristina Matvienko)

The play took part in the non-competition program of such festivals as Golden Mask, Mask Plus and Russian-Case 2010.

Maxim Didenko received the Discovery of the Actor Award at the Second TERRA INCOGNITA International Theatrical Festival, for his acting in the “Continuous Curve” by Pavel Semchenko (AKHE) and Maxim Didenko. May 2010.

Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes


Staging by
Maxim Didenko, Pavel Semchenko (AKHE)
Andrey Sizintsev (АKHE)
Lighting designer
Igor Fomin
Vadim Gololobov (АKHE)


Maxim Didenko
Pavel Semchenko (AKHE)