Premier took place on June 1, 2013 (A. Bryantsev Youth Theatre, St. Petersburg).

Ballet is based on the novel by Amélie Nothomb called “The Enemy’s Cosmetique”. This is a story about a passenger sitting in an airport lounge, Jerome Angust, who meets there a bothersome companion. The companion introduces himself as Textor Texel from Holland and starts telling a strange story of his life, from childhood pathologies and ending with the fact that he raped and 10 years later killed Jerome’s wife. Then, as a result of the painful feelings of guiltiness, Texel is now asking the unfortunate widower to kill him … the story text is transformed by the method of free association into the genre of ballet. The story of a maniac murderer, laid into 5 chapter and 2 jokes, addresses the split consciousness of the main hero fettered by the fear to adopt his own integrity. Only death may release him from his inability to live.

Duration: 59 minutes.

Nominations and awards

2014 Golden Mask (3 nominations).

Vladimir Varnava was awarded Golden Mask (best actor)


Maxim Didenko

Vladimir Varnava

Arditti String Quartet – Gyorgy Ligeti – Quartet
molto calmo

Arditti String Quartet – Gyorgy Ligeti – Quartet 
Come un meccanismo di precisione 
Gyorgy Ligeti – Six Bagatelles 
Rubato. Lamentoso 
Gyorgy Ligeti – Musica ricercata
Henrik Gureckij – Kwartet Nr. 
Iggy Pop – The Passenger
Soap&Skin – Voyage Voyage

Pavel Semchenko

Lighing designer
Igor Fomin


Vladimir Varnava
Vladimir Dorokhin / Konstantin Matulevsky
Marina Zenkova / Evgeniya Shtaneva