Heart of a dog


The performance based on the same name novel by M. Bulgakov

The premiere took place on October 20, 2017.

Outstanding surgeon Professor Preobrazhensky decided to do a risky experiment to transplant the human pituitary gland to a dog. The plan works: the organ takes root, the dog takes on a human appearance and acquires the ability to speak and make decisions. The medical revolution committed by Professor Preobrazhensky, as well as the October revolution, which occurred shortly before the events described in Bulgakov’s novel, gave birth to a completely new type of person.

Today, 100 years after the Great October Revolution, we can analyze and make it clear where these new people born of revolutionary storms led us and most importantly is there anything common between them and us. Who are we? Are we just those new people created by Perestroyka? Or maybe we are the direct descendants and worthy heirs of the Sharikov and Shvonder dynasties.

The Shelter of the Comedian continues its cooperation with the country’s most interesting young directors who can reveal new meanings of classical texts. It is they who prove that the classics are relevant at all times, and therefore they are eternal.

Duration: 2h 30min, 1 intermission

Photo by Stas Levshin



Maxim Didenko

Staging TEAM

Maxim Didenko, Konstantin Fyodorov

Staging Artist:
Galya Solodovnikova

Vladimir Rannev

Video Designers:
Oleg Mikhaylov, Anastasia Nesterova, Nikita Shishkin

Vladimir Varnava

Lighting Designer:

Denis Solntsev


Daria Rumyantseva /Vera Latysheva

Sharik, Poligraf Poligrafovich Sharikov
Ilya Del / Filipp Dyachkov

Filipp Filippovich Preobrazhensky
Valery Kukhareshin, RF People’s Artist

Ivan Arnoldovich Bormenthal
Fyodor Klimov / Evgeny Sannikov

Patient with green hair
Sergey Azeev / Gala Samoylova

Patient, lady concealing her age т
Ulyana Fomichyova / Ksenia Morozova

Daria Petrovna Ivanova, cook for Professor Preobrazhensky

Ulyana Fomichyova / Ksenia Morozova

Shvonder — head of the house committee

Sergey Azeev / Gala Samoylova

Zinaida Prokofievna Bunina
Daria Rumiantseva / Vera Latysheva