Atalanta Fleeing

Metaphysical experience staged by Maxim Didenko

Maxim Didenko released the first augmented reality (AR) performance “Atalanta Fleeing” in collaboration with Evgenyi Mandelshtam in September 2020. The performance is based on the book of the medieval alchemist Michael Maier. Viewers will see a new parallel reality of the world of Atalanta. The actors, choreography and scenery will be shown through a smartphone camera using AR technology.

“We influence on the viewers in several ways. They are physically located inside the city space. In the headphones they hear certain voices and some metaphysical information. Using their phones they see the objects hidden here”, – said director Maxim Didenko.

To watch the performance “Atalanta Fleeing” you need an IPhone 7 or higher and the headphones. You need to download a special application created by the “Immerse” platform and follow the route leading to the corners of Kitay-Gorod (Moscow).

The choreography in the performance was created by Vladimir Varnava. Music – by Ivan Kushnir and Alexander Karpov. Ilya Starilov – art-director. Playwright, producer – Evgeniy Mandelstam. Voice – Daria Rumyantseva.


Available on IOS –


Maxim Didenko

Production group

Playwright: Евгений Мандельштам

Composers: Иван Кушнир и Александр Карпов

Choreographer: Владимир Варнава

Art director: Илья Старилов

Voice: Дарья Румянцева

Dancers: Владимир Варнава, Ксения Шевцова

Sound-art: Юрий Измилов

Video-art: Илья Старилов, Георгий Маматов

Graphic design: Валентин Старилов

Decorations: Mynameisspace

Developers: Мик Вайсман и команда Trinity Monsters

Produser: Петр Напольски, Анна Сивкова, Екатерина Диденко

Pr: Анна Городецкая, Азиза Кадыри


We thank Ekaterina Bochavar and the “GROUND Solyanka” Gallery (Moscow).