Chapaev and Pustota

The premiere took part on the 18th of November 2016 (Praktika, Moscow)

Maxim Didenko has staged this performance based on the novel of the most mysterious classic of Russian literature Viktor Pelevin.
The performance is made in three parts discussing the existence between the two opposites: reality and illusion, Europe and Asia, the political and the existential, the past and the present.
Characters are moving on from the living into the being, leaving behind the carnival of social and political issues, and then find themselves in metaphysical space, where only self-identification may be used as a means of navigation.

Part 1
Garden of the divergent Petkas’

Part 2
Black bagel

Part 3
Conventional River of Absolute Love

In the midst of this stillness and sorrow,
In these days of distrust
May be all can be changed – who can tell?
Who can tell what will come
To replace our visions tomorrow
And to Judge our past?

“As result we have a psychotherapeutic total metaplay in a kind of a genre “a special flight of a free thought” addressed to all the inhabitants of the Earth. It is interesting.” Maxim Didenko, stage director

Duration: 3 hours (2 intermissions)


Maxim Didenko, SNOB magazine “THE MADE IN RUSSIA AWARD-2016” in the category “Culture”.


Maxim Didenko



Ivan Kushnir


Irina Ga

Artist / Costumes

Galia Solodovnikova

Lighting Designer:

Sergey Vasiliev


Vasiliy Butkevich

Ilya Barabanov

Marina Vasilieva / Yana Gladkikh

Petr Skvortsov

Vasiliy Mikhaylov

Gladston Makhib

Igor Titov

Yuriy Mezhevich

Aleksey Lyubimov

Dmitriy Brusnikin / Nikolay Chindyaykin / Aleksey Rozin / Andrey Fomin