максим диденко


Maxim Didenko, director, choreographer, and teacher.

In 2005 he graduated from St. Petersburg Theatre Arts Academy, course of G.M. Kozlov.

In 2004-2009 – actor at Derevo Theatre (Saint Petersburg – Dresden), he participated in such performances as “Ketzal”, “Execution of Pierrot”, “Dreams of Robert», “DiaGnoze”, “La Divina Comedia”, “Islands” , “Once” etc.

Since 2007 he collaborates with the Russian Engineering Theatre AKHE.

He also collaborated with the Centre of Contemporary Art DAKH in Kyiv.

In 2010 he organized “The Drystone” Pro-Theatre Union and made several productions, performances and actions under its auspices.

Maxim stages the performances in different theaters: “Olesya. Love Story” (2010, together with N.Dreyden “Shelter of the Comedian Theater”, St.Petersburg), “Lyonka Panteleev. Musical” (2012, together with N.Dreyden, A. Bryantsev Youth Theatre, St.Petersburg), “Second vision” (2013, together with Yu.Kviatkovsky, Studio School of Moscow Academic Art Theatre, Boyar Chambers, Moscow), “The Passenger” (2013, together with V.Varnava, ContArt, St.Petersburg), “The Overcoat. Ballet” (2013, ContArt, St.Petersburg), “The Backbone Flute” (2014, Lensovet theater, St.Petersburg), “Little Tragedies” (2014, Theatre” Studio” by L.Ermolaeva, Omsk), “Red Cavalry” (2014, Studio School of Moscow Academic Art Theatre, Moscow), “Kharms. Myr” (2015, Gogol Center, Moscow), “Earth” (2015, New Stage of the Alexandrinsky Theatre, St.Petersburg), “Young Guard” (2015, together with D.Egorov “Masterskaya” theatre. St.Petersburg), “The Idiot” (2015, Theatre of Nations, Moscow), “Pasternak. My sister-life” (2016 Gogol Center, Moscow), “Black Russian” (2016, Spiridonov’s mansion, Moscow), “Chapaev and Pustota” (2016, theater “Praktika”, Moscow) “I am here” (2016, theater “Stary dom”, Novosibirsk), “The Trial” (2017, ProFitArt, Prague, CZ), “The Circus” (2017, Theatre of Nations, Moscow), “Ten days that shook the world” (2017, Museum of Moscow, Moscow), “Heart of a dog” (2017, “Shelter of the Comedian Theater”, St. Petersburg), “Run, Alice, run” (2018, “Taganka Theatre”, Moscow), “The Text” (2018, Joint project of the “Ermolova Moscow Drama Theater” and producer L. Roberman, Moscow), “The Girl and Death” (2018, “Bird and Carrot”, London, UK), “Through the eyes of a clown’ (2019, National Theatre Mannheim, Mannheim, Germany),  “The “Collider” with Shotrparis music-group (2019, Khlebozavod, Forma festival, Moscow, RU), “Norma” (2019, Joint project of Masterskaya Brusnikina and Malaya Bronnaya Theatre”, Moscow, RU), “Slaughterhouse N5” (2020, Tristan production and Hellerau, Dresden, Germany) and others.

Maxim Didenko’s performances have been repeatedly nominated for various awards, including Golden Mask, Golden Sophite, the Breakthrough, Sergey Kuryokhin Award, GQ etc.

Maxim Didenko received the Best Director Award for the performance “The Overcoat. Ballet” at the St. Petersburg Theater Award for Young Artists ‘The Breakthrough” 2014; Maxim Didenko is announced as the recipient of the 2016 Snob. Made in Russia Award in the theatre category for his performance “Pasternak. My Sister – Life”; The Best Director Award for the performance “I am here” at the Inter-regional V festival-contest “New Siberian Transit”-2018.

Didenko holds his original workshops in St. Petersburg, Kyiv, Moscow, Omsk, Prague, Chicago etc.


Ekaterina Didenko
+7 921 314 0007