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Director Maxim Didenko will present the performance “Norma” based on the novel of the same name by writer Vladimir Sorokin on November 6 and 7 in Moscow. The production will be a joint work of the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya and Masterskaya by Dmirty Brusnikin.

“I am impressed with the text, it’s like a drill that takes out the metaphysical basis of Russian consciousness,” the press service quotes the director. “The concept of norm, on the one hand, is static, but at the same time, current: the norm is constantly changing, time is flowing, life is going on. We are changing and we don’t notice how the norm is that it was impossible to imagine some time ago. A Russian person sometimes gets used to radical and terrifying things and I want to explore it. This text is like a rebus that I want to solve.”

Evgeny Stychkin will take part in the performance as the guest actor. The general producer of the production is Svetlana Dolya who has already acted as a producer of such high-profile projects as “Ai Fak. Tragedy” by Konstantin Bogomolov and “10 Days That Shook the World” by Didenko. The playwrighter is Valery Pecheikin, stage designer – Galya Solodovnikova and composer Alexei Retinsky.

The premiere will take place on the stage of the Palace on the Yauza, where the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya will move for the duration of the repair. Then the performance is planned to be included in the permanent repertoire of the theater.

“Norma” is Sorokin’s debut novel written in 1979. It was first published in SAMIZDAT in 1983. The work tells about the times of the Andropov purges and also tells about everyday situations of Soviet people – workers, teachers, engineers.

диденко норма

Premiere: The Children of Bauhaus

In 2019 the Russian stage director Maxim Didenko is invited once again to the Kunstfest Weimar. The visually stunning, rhythmical play «Chapayev and Pustota» enthralled audiences in 2017 with its choreographic musicality. This year Didenko is collaborating with the American artist A. J. Weissbard who is working with light and space across all genres (theater, opera, architecture, installations, exhibitions, fashion) in more than 50 countries. The diverse spectrum of Maxim Didenko’s artistry can be experienced once again in his new performative video installation highlighting the cooperative rituals and artistic gatherings at the historical Bauhaus in Weimar.

The video installation is in co-production with Kunstfest Weimar 2019. “The Children of Bauhaus” is part of the project “Apparatus of Heat and Cold” at Kunstfest Weimar 2019, funded by the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

The premiere will take place on the 25th of August 2019 (Weimar).

More: Kunstfest_The_children_of_Bauhaus

Videoinstallation by Maxim Didenko and AJ Weissbard
Music and sound design: Alexandr Karpov
Cameramen: Igor Tsvetkov, Boris Kostomarov and Ilya Starilov
Editor: Igor Tsvetkov
Color: Diana Vishnevskaia
Producer: Ekaterina Didenko
Children: Petr Didenko, Nikita Didenko, Richard Regush, Yakov Vasenin, Aglaya Lyubtsova


Tour! The performance “The Circus” goes to Israel.

As a part of the project “Golden Mask” in Israel” the performance “The Circus” directed by Maxim Didenko will be presented to the audience on June 19 and 20, 2019 on the stage of the Gesher Theater (Israel).

Learn more and buy tickets following the link:

Performance is in Russian language with subtitles on Hebrew

цирк диденко трегубова кушнир

Golden Mask Russian National Theater Award-2019

On April 16, the Bolshoi Theater (Moscow) hosted the Golden Mask Russian National Theater Award ceremony.
Maria Tregubova was recognized as the best costume designer in the musical theater for the play “Run, Alice, Run” directed by Maxim Didenko (Taganka Theater, Moscow)


Tour! The performance “The Idiot” goes to Omsk.

01 and 02 May in the Omsk Drama Theater – “The Idiot” (Theater of Nations, Moscow) directed by Maxim DIDENKO.
To buy a ticket:

идиот диденко театр наций

Coming soon

The performance “Through the eyes of a clown”  (the same-name novel by Heinrich Böll) is currently being staged. The premiere will take place on March 30, 2019 on the stage of the National Theater in Mannheim (Germany).

Director: Maxim Didenko
Dramaturgie: Valery Pecheykin
Set- and costume designer: Maria Tregubova
Video artist: Oleg Mikhailov
Composer: Vladimir Rannev
Choreographer: Dina Khuseyin



Premiere in London

The premiere of the play “The Girl and the Death” staged by Maxim Didenko will be presented in London. The premiere will take place on November 29 and 30 on the stage of the London Tabernacle Theater.

The performance is dedicated to the amazing fate of the Soviet actress Valentina Karavaeva (1921-1997). Having played her first star role in the film “Mashen’ka” (1943) and having received the most prestigious Stalin Prize in the USSR for her, Karavaeva got into a car crash that disfigured her face and then she was no longer filmed. She lived part of her life in England, married an English aristocrat, then returned to the USSR and died in oblivion and poverty. The last years of her life Karavaeva filmed herself  at home — and she did this for many years. Like a selfie? It is this part of her biography that carries the prototype of modern video blogs and selfies which has become the main source of inspiration for the creators of the play.
Cast: Alisa Khazanova and Alexey Rozin
Playwright: Valery Pecheykin
Stage Designer: Galya Solodovnikova
Video designer: Oleg Mikhailov
Composer: Louis Lebee
Produced by: Alexandrina Markvo (Bird & Carrot)

Buy the tickets: HERE


Maxim is a nominated for the project “Made in Russia-2018”

Maxim Didenko is nominated for the project “Made in Russia-2018” for the performance “Run, Alice, Run” (Taganka Theater, Moscow) and for the performance “The Text” (produced by Leonid Roberman together with the Yermolova Theater, Moscow) by the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky!

All visitors to the site can take part in the voting. Winners will be announced at a ceremony of the Snob project in mid-November. To vote for Maxim:

  performance “Run, Alice, Run” – 19 and 20 October. Tickets: here
  performance “The Text” – 07 and 18 October. Tickets: here

максим диденко

Plan of tour of the performances (fall 2018)

What: “Circus” (Theater of Nations, Moscow)
Where: Alexela Kontserdimaja (Tallinn, Estonia)
When: October, 15 at 19:00
Buy ticket: here
NB: The performance is conducted with simultaneous translation into Estonian.
Tours take place in the framework of the theatrical festival “Golden Mask in Estonia 2018”

What: “The Heart of a Dog” (Theater “Priyut komedianta”, St. Petersburg)
Where and when: From 4 to 9 November in Moscow, on the stage of the theaters named after V. Mayakovsky and E. Vakhtangov. The exact location and date of the performance TBA
NB: The tour is a joint project of the “Breakthrought” Award and of the Theater “Priyut komedianta”
What: “Tchapaev and Pustota” (Theater “Practika”, Moscow)
Where: Deutsches Theater, Schumannstraße 13 (Berlin, Germany)
When: November 24 and 25 at 18:00
Buy ticket: sales will open on October, 1 (TBA)
NB: The performance is conducted with simultaneous translation into German.
Tours take place within the framework of the Festival “Russian Theater Spring: A New Contemporary Russian Theater”

цирк диденко дапкунайте circus didenko dapkunayte tregubova

чапаев и пустота диденко

“Run, Alice, run”. New nomination of “Theater’s Star – 2018”

“Theatre’s Star-2018”. Long-List.
In the nomination “Best musical performance” is presented the performance “Run, Alice, Run” directed by Maxim Didenko (Theatre on Taganka, Moscow).
A short list will be announced in September.
The vote will last until August, 31.
Make your right choice following the White Rabbit: 🐇

беги алиса беги диденко трегубова высоцкий кушнир

photo: Ira Polyarnaya

10-Days Master class by Maxim Didenko

Maxim Didenko will hold a Master class “From conception to implementation” at Gogol’s School!

Topics: establishing links between the fantasy of an actor / dancer and his body; formation of an utterance; the embodiment of the idea in the language of dance.
DATES: 03.08 – 12.08.2018
10 LESSONS: every day 10: 00-17: 00 (6 hours of practice + 1 lunch break)
More information about the course + leave a request:

Maxim Didenko by Kristina Arden

фото: Кристина Арден

“GQ Person of the Year”: nomination “Best Director”

“GQ Person of the Year”: Maxim Didenko is nominated for “Best Director”

All year GQ watched those who did something particularly outstanding, who was better than others. But who will remain in it – that will be your choice. The voting will be closed on July 31, 2018. The results will be announced in September and will be published in the October’s issue of GQ.

To vote for Maxim Didenko –

gq человек года максим диденко


The premiere of the performance based on the novel of the same name by Dmitry Glukhovsky “Text” will be held on May 15 and 16, 2018 in the Theater named after M. N. Yermolova (Moscow). The producer is Leonid Roberman.
Director – Maxim Didenko
Set Designer – Galya Solodovnikova
Composer – Alexander Karpov
Choreographer – Ira Ga
Video directors – Oleg Mikhailov and Ilya Starilov

Текст Глуховский Диденко


Snob Magazine nominates the performance “Chapaev and Pustota” for the Made in Russia Award in the category “Culture”.

Congratulations to the whole staging team of the performance:
Author of the novel – Victor Pelevin
Director – Maxim Didenko
Composer – Ivan Kushnir
Choreographer – Irina Ga
Scenographer, costume designer – Galya Solodovnikova
Lighting Designer – Sergey Vasilyev
The artist-technologist – Olga Pavlyuk
Lecturer – Evgeny Mandelstam
Operators – Lyudmila Burchenkova, Margarita Baghdasaryan
Actors: Alexey Rozin, Ilya Barabanov, Vasily Butkevich, Pyotr Skvortsov, Vasily Mikhailov, Igor Titov, Gladstone Mahib, Yuri Mezhevich, Alexey Lyubimov, Marina Vasilyeva, Yana Gladkikh, Dmitry Brusnikin, Nikolai Chindyaikin

You may vote for the performance till the end of October here:
Learn more at:

сноб диденко солодовникова чапаев и пустота брусникинцы


Elena Novikova, Daria Zolotukhina (Producers of the performance “Black Russian” staged by Maxim Didenko) are nominated for “Creator#InspireMe” Award of Top50byLive.

Project: Black Russian – Russia’s first immersive thriller.
The creators of the theater, which works miracles and literally materializes the spirits. It was they who unofficially declared that the theater is not a comfort zone, but you are not an outside observer, but the main witness and character. Two fine representatives of the producer’s craft to make spectators the object of an experiment and introduce new rules, make both the new and old generations love something beautiful and mysterious – the theatrical one.

The voting is open until October 18, 2017.
You can vote here:

черный русский black russian


Ingeborga Dapkunayte is represented in the nomination “STARRING ROLE. THEATER” of the OK! MORE THAN STARS AWARDS for the role of American actress Marion Dickson in the new Maxim Didenko’s performance “The Circus”.

On stage, she is a real diva of Hollywood dreams: luxurious, charming and mysterious. But this is not all. Fearless Ingeborga is making such tricks in the air that it would seem possible only for high-end balancers. And what a piercing lyrical monologue the actress utters! This is a real hymn of love.

We will be grateful for your support!
The voting is open here:

didenko circus диденко цирк дапкунайте


 The performance “I Am Here” staged by Maxim Didenko (Stary Dom Drama Theatre, Novosibirsk) is called the event of the season in the general ranking of the Novosibirsk performances of the 2016-2017 season.We would recall that in the last season Maxim Didenko’s “The Program of Shared Impressions” (Stary Dom Drama Theatre, Novosibirsk) was also featured on the list of the best Novosibirsk performances of the season 2015/2016.

NB: The Novosibirsk Theater Magazine “OKOLO” is already the fourth time conducting expert analysis of the theatrical season, addressing its questionnaire to the widest possible circle of theater critics, journalists, cultural commentators and people directly involved in the theatrical life of the city.

Learn more at:

диденко яздесь рубинштейн старый дом

Coming soon

The performance “The Heart of a Dog” based on the same-name novel by Mikhail Bulgakov in currently being staged. The premiere will take place at Shelter of the Comedian Theater (St. Petersburg) on October 20, 2017. Approximate duration of the performance – 2 hours 30 minutes, 1 intermission.

Director – Maxim Didenko
Staging – Konstantin Fyodorov, Maxim Didenko
Staging Artist – Galya Solodovnikova
Video Artists – Oleg Mikhailov, Anastasia Nesterova, Nikita Shishkin
Choreographer – Vladimir Varnava
Composer, musical director – Vladimir Rannev
Lighting Designer – Denis Solntsev
Video Engineer – Maxim Baskakov

Buy tickets and learn more at: Heart of a Dog

собачье сердце максим диденко


The performance “Ten Days That Shook the World” will be held all the 10 days since September 29 till October 8 throughout the space of the exhibition, and the actors together with their audience will do the revolution and travel through all the main creative stages and stes of the Master. This project is not a remake of the great performance of 1965. This is a rethinking of the material, a topic even more urgent now, exactly one hundred years after the events described by Reed.

Buy tickets and learn more at:


Chapaev and Pustota in Weimar (DE)

01 & 02 September, Weimar (DE)

In the program of the Festival “100 Years of Comminism” Christian Holtzhauer and the team of Kunstfest Weimar represent the performance directed by Maxim Didenko “Chapaev and Pustota”, based on the novel of the most mysterious classic of Russian literature Viktor Pelevin.

To learn more about the festival and to buy the tickets: KunstFest Weimar Program

чапаев и пустота диденко

фото by Тимофей Колесников