Exposition based on pictures of N. Goncharova and M. Larionov

Premiere took place on October 20, 2013 (Studio School of Moscow Academic Art Theatre, Boyar Chambers, Moscow)

“Directors Maxim Didenko and Yury Kviatkovsky, as well as artist Galia Solodovnikova have managed to figure out how to use the entire suite of brick arches of the 16th century,” they loaded the whole “ancient loft” with “plastic, artistic, dance, light, sound, philosophical and all other meanings”. ” Dmitry Brusnikin’s third year students made their best.” “Second Vision” is a free array of imagination strung on the “context “of paintings by Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov, one picture, one stage and one sketch in each of the seven chambers of the premises, including the galleries. This play starts in a cloak room without coat racks; it starts with a conversation about avant-garde and Goncharova-Larionov with the scenic projections on the background… A travel is always pleasant especially when there is a bit of healty absurd. We have witnessed the loopback movement from one entry to another by Solodonikova’s famous “cocoons”, puppet-people, zombies in boots, looking like they were from Filipp Grigoryan‘s play “Chukchi”. But here these Chukchi zombies sing, they dwell on one note. The guide-lecturer reminds us about the forgotten fairy show by Matyushin-Kruchyonykh-Malevich called “Victory over the Sun”, and his projected head was mumbling Kruchyonov’s “abyrvalgs”. (Dmitry Lisin, Kultura Newspaper, 2013)

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes.



Maxim Didenko and Yury Kviatkovsky

Galina Solodovnikova


Students of Studio School of Moscow Academic Art Theatre, course of D. Brusnikin