The Girl and Death


The premiere took part on November 29, 2018 (London, UK)

For the first time, the main stars of the Russian theatrical “new wave” present their performance to the Russian-speaking public in London earlier than to the Moscow public. This is not the usual classical production but a completely new theater which in recent years has turned Moscow into one of the most fashionable theater capitals in the world.

The performance is dedicated to the amazing fate of the Soviet actress Valentina Karavaeva (1921-1997). Having played her first star role in the film “Masha” (1943) and having received the most prestigious Stalin Prize in the USSR for her, Karavaeva got into a car crash that disfigured her face and after that she was no longer filmed. She lived part of her life in England, married an English aristocrat then returned to the USSR and died in oblivion and poverty. The last years of her life Karavaeva filmed herself with a movie camera at home — and she did this for many years. Like a selfie? It is this part of her biography that carries the prototype of modern video blogs and selfies which has become the main source of inspiration for the creators of the play.

Performance in Russian with English subtitles.

Duration – 1 hour 10 minutes. (without intermission)


Maxim Didenko


Valery Pecheykin

Set and costumes by:
Galya Solodovnikova

Louis Lebee

Oleg Mikhailov

Lighting designer:
Sergey Vasiliev

Anna Rublevskaya

Alexandria Markvo (Bird&Carrot)



Alisa Khazanova

Aleksey Rozin