клетка с попугаями диденко VR ВР

Premiere tool place on 05 July 2017 in the Moscow City Business Centre (Moscow)

Maxim Didenko‘s new project “Cage with parrots” is a performance in the format of virtual reality, based on the history of a person who will undergo the final test before flying to Mars.

“Of course, it’s more of a movie than a theateric show. But in our new production there are both elements. In the cinema, your eyes are controlled by the director and the cameraman, they decide what you will look at, and in this sense it is a more totalitarian art. In the theater you choose on your one – especially if it is a multi-figure production. Of course, we try to manipulate your attention, but you have some choice. And in the case of “Cage with parrots” it turned out a movie in which you can choose what you will watch,” Didenko said.

The director believes that the use of 360-degree technology in the cinema has a great perspective: “It seems to me that this is a window to the future. The future of what cinema will be like and what the theater will be like. You just have to experiment. ”

Duration: 7 minutes


Maxim Didenko

Staging TEAM

Valery Pecheykin

Ivan Kushnir

Art curator:
Ilya Starilov

Costume designer:
Anna Chistova

Daria Ufimtseva

Production producer:
Sergey Kornikhin, Kirill Alyokhin

Denis Shashkin

Assistant director:
Tamara Shishlova


Rinal Mukhametov, actor’s of Dmitry Brusnikin’s workship: Marina Vasilieva, Vasily Butkevich, Igor Titov, Yury Mezhevic, Yana Yenzhaeva, Gladstone Makhib, and Lexus.