Premiere took place on 27 February 2017 (ProFitArt, Prague, Czech Republic)

THE TRIAL is an international theater project inspired by Franz Kafka´s world-famous novel. Six performers directed by Maxim Didenko. They made this physical performance especially for 64 KINO U HRADEB (well known cinema that reopens after long time of being closed).

The materials behind the play will include the transcripts of interrogations of contemporary political prisoners and terrorists, their speeches in court, their correspondence; we will also use the speeches of the Soviet criminals. We try to open the question of the ethical and humanistic meaning of trial and death sentence. Who judges? Who are the accused? What is the crime?

This performance will be made in the genre of post ballet, with elements of musical theatre and documentary theatre. Our work nevertheless will largely be based on the search for a new theatrical language that would meet the needs of our time. In the melting pot of this work there will be all the genres, from clowning to opera, from actionism to psychological theatre.

Nudity inculded in the show, not suitable for under 18.

Duration: 1 hour 20 minutes


Maxim Didenko


Staging Artist:

Pavel Semchenko

Costume Designer:

Jana Stanulová (CZ)


Ivan Kushnir

Video Artist:

Oleg Mikhailov

Sound Designer:

Andrey Shvetsov

Lighting Designer:

Mikoláš Holba (CZ)


ProFitArt (CZ)


Róbert Nižník (CZ/SK)

Martin Šalanda (CZ)

Marta Sobotková (CZ)

Jun Wan Kim (CZ/KR)

Nela Kornetová (CZ/NO)

Roman Zotov (CZ/RU)