Premiere took place on 22 December 2016 (Stary Dom Theatre, Novosibirsk)

In January 2016 the scene of Stary Dom Theatre (Novosibirsk) hosted Maxim Didenko’s performance based on the collection of Lev Rubinstein’s writings called “The Program of Shared Impressions”, which became one of the year’s major events. It was decided to continue the first experience of submerging into the texts created by one of the leaders of Moscow avant-garde and conceptualism, Lev Semyonovich Rubinstein, and so, the premiere of Didenko’s new performance based on the texts by Rubinstein called “I am here” was released on 22 December 2016

Maxim Didenko commented on his work on the performance:

So, my current experiment is called “I am here”. The very name of it presupposes that we have got to realize ourselves in the context of the surrounding reality. And this sufi practice of being “here and now” is a key one for me in this project. This is an attempt to realize our time and us in it, to find out its composition, to understand our fears and constructions as the bases of our civilization.  .

Duration: 2 hours (with intermission)

Photo: Anastasia Lyskovets and Katerina Korzhanskaya


Maxim Didenko


Staging Artist:

Pavel Semchenko, Maxim Didenko


Alexander Karpov

Video Artist:

Oleg Mikhailov

Lighting Designer:

Igor Fomin


Baytenger Vasiliy

Vasilieva Sofya

Voroshilova Valentina

Vostrukhin Alexander

Grigoriev Anatoliy

Latyshev Yan

Mamlin Timofey

Matyushina Anna

Pivneva Natalia

Popova Irina

Sayanok Vitaliy

Sigida Yana

Solovyov Andrey

Tarasova Tatiana

Chernobaeva Larisa